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Mark Turner and the entire team at Turner Laser Systems are very knowledgable in laser applications and laser based machine tools. I have been working directly with Mark over the last two years on a number of different projects and it has been an absolute pleasure. Mark and his team bring innovative ideas to any project they work on. I will be honest, if you are looking for a laser based machine tool for your project you won't be sorry working with Mark and his team. 

Michael Armas 

Citrogene Inc.



We required a highly customized laser tool to meet an extremely demanding specification associated with an implantable medical device and an unusual materials set...

We were delighted to find in Mark (and the great team at ODI) a real partner in developing a complete laser processing solution, accomplishing not only our process requirements, but highly usable great safety features, and even guidance around local and EH&S compliance. 

Customer in the Medical industry



Mark Turner and his team are experts with laser applications and laser process development. He helped our team develop a custom machine that fits our needs. In addition to helping create an excellent laser tool, his team provides long term solutions and support.

Nicholas V.
Customer in the defense industry



Mark Turner at Turner Laser Systems is extremely knowledgeable with lasers and custom laser process development. He is incredibly detail oriented and will share you all solutions he has to complete your project. Furthermore, he sends comprehensive summaries

that are easily readable.

Highly recommended


Customer in the semiconductor industry


I just want to reiterate that we really appreciate your continued engagement and support in what has mostly been an exploration for us. We feel like partners in this relationship, not customer/supplier, and I think that is a big deal.

Customer in the semiconductor Industry



Mark Turner is an expert at laser process development. He follows a systematic methodology to find and optimize the best solution for the customer with any type of lasers in a state of the art applications lab. 

Bob Fung
Owens Design Inc.



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