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TLS Micromachining Software

One interface to control all components

Your laser tool is only going to be as powerful as your software's capability to  control the laser, motion, vision and other critical components in unison. Laser tools can be tricky to use;  unfortunately, many systems have limited software capability and poor functionality which can lead to inefficiency, lower productivity and frustration. G-Code based laser software systems can limit control of the laser, and often results in operator error due to lack of integration with laser controls, vision controls and recipe management.

As power users of laser manufacturing for process & product development, we have partnered with the best software developers and created the TLS Micromachining Software which provides a single software interface that controls all the hardware of the laser tool. 

Our TLS tools includes this turn-key software which provides you control of the laser, motion system, galvo scanner, sensors, vision and other devices in a single graphical interface. This software also comes with a command interface to be driven by an external application or PLC.

Our software has an intuitive and graphical interface that makes both operation and recipe development quick and easy. With multi-user-level access control and optional customized HMIs, our software is suitable for both R&D as well as high-throughput manufacturing.

Features include:

• CAD file import (e.g. dxf, dwg, gerber, STL)

• CAM features such as lead in/out

• Recipe library

• Multi-level user-access

• Automatic vision alignment

• Adaptive processing algorithms

• 3D part mapping 

• Process development tools

• Data logging

• Math & logic features for advanced tool control

• User-level access control 

• Remote-control interface via TCP/IP protocol


Our software is loved by our customers

“We have saved countless hours in both production and R&D work. With its multitude of features and tools that other laser programs lack the TLS software has given us greater control and flexibility in how we use our laser. By doing so it has made challenging projects more feasible and our current processes more efficient." 

- John, Customer, 2022 -


Demo: TLS Software Performs Precision Alignment

Tutorial: How to Create a Recipe

Tutorial: General Interface Introduction

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