Quality, reliability and safety.


Our service team supports our customers globally. With both remote service as well as on-site maintenance and repair. From realignment of optical systems, to preventative maintenance and even complete system maintenance including chillers, vision systems and motion systems.


We make maintaining an advanced laser system easy, affordable and efficient to ensure your production up-times are maintained.



We believe knowledge is the most powerful asset within a company! 

What are safe practices using lasers? What is the difference between a Class 1 and Class 4 laser? Do I need to wear safety goggles? How do we keep our operators safe? How do I maintain a laser and maximize the lifetime? Is more power better? How does a laser's pulse duration, power and wavelength affect the process and my material?

These are basic questions all manufacturing companies should consider when implementing laser technology within their business. Our Academy of Lasers, provides your team with an understanding how to use, maintain and work safely with laser systems. This training is included with our laser systems.


Contact us for a quote on a training session with your team today.



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