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Laser Processing

We serve these industries/sectors

Below are some of the common industries and sectors we serve.  

Lasers we have worked with in our lab

  • Femto

  • Pico

  • Nano

  • Fiber CW

  • CO2

Advantages of laser material processing

Ideal for micro features:
High precision. Great repeatability. Superb quality. Excellent reliability.

Laser processing has become increasingly popular because its general ability to yield a better quality product with high repeatability and precision. Its versatility makes it ideal for many high-precision micromachining applications such as laser ablation, welding, cutting, and drilling. Also, laser processing often yields results where other technologies fail due to it's delicate and controlled approach. 

There are thousands of various laser applications, here are some popular industry examples:

  • Medical device manufacturing (cutting, drilling, skiving, marking, welding)

  • Solar panel processing (welding, cutting, scribing, drilling)

  • Semiconductor processing (thin film removal, VIA hole drilling, wafer dicing, trim, etching, ablation)

  • Similar and dissimilar metal welding (many various welding technologies available)

  • Glass hermetic welding (glass-to-glass, glass-to-metal)

  • Glass processing (welding, cutting, scribing, marking, etching, chamfering)

  • Polymer thin film processing (thin film removal, selective ablation, cutting)

  • Laser trim of electrical components (ablation, selective removal, cleaning, trim)

  • Laser thin film removal (display patterning, roll-to-roll patterning, etching, cleaning)

  • Display glass processing (cutting, drilling, chamfering, dicing)

  • Selective etching of glass (ultrafast laser based selective etching)

  • Battery welding (dissimilar metal welding, tab welding, foil welding)

  • Battery processing (cleaning, notching, foil cutting, selective ablation)

  • Electronics tuning (ablative based trimming of various electrical components)

  • Hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface texturing (nanosecond and ultrafast based processes)

  • Wafer marking (variety of laser methods for wafer marking)

  • Multi-process (combinations of the above processes into a single tool)


Success Story

Advanced Laser Automation for Delicate Material Processing

Loading, cutting, cleaning and inspection 


Buyer Guide:
Best applications for laser processing

We provide solutions for


Laser Processes

  • Laser Ablation

  • Laser Cutting

  • Laser Dicing

  • Laser Drilling

  • Laser Etching

  • Micro-machining/marking

  • Micro-soldering

  • Laser Scribing

  • Laser Welding

  • and many more  



  • Ceramics

  • Glass (all types)

  • Thin films and foils

  • Metals

  • Polymers

  • Semiconductors

  • Other brittle and transparent materials

  • Battery foils

  • Display stacks

  • Textiles and cardboard

  • and many more

AdobeStock_32979617 (1).jpeg

Form Factors

  • Chip and die level

  • Curved materials

  • Dissimilar materials combinations

  • Flexible electronics

  • Large panels  (e.g. GEN 6, 7) 

  • Roll-to-roll (various widths)

  • Solar panels (various sizes)

  • Tubes (catheter, stent etc.)

  • Wafers (75mm to 300mm)

  • Web handling

  • Fully/partially assembled parts

Laser processing of glass in medical devices

Laser processing in electronics tuning

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