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Cutomized Laser Automation

World-class precision automation
for your high volume production

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  • Custom automation systems

  • Design & build experts

  • High-tech, high-end partner

  • Manufacturing expertise

  • Turnkey laser solutions

  • Deep laser technology expertise

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Custom engineering

Our commitment to providing quality laser manufacturing tools to our customers means getting you to the best automation equipment solutions provider for your high-volume production needs.

Owens Design is our trusted partner in machine design and build for these reasons:

  • World-class reputation

  • Experts in turning concepts, ideas and R&D systems into robust industrial tools

  • Flawless (100% successful delivery) track record for nearly 40 years in this industry

Turner Laser Systems laser applications laboratory and operations are conveniently located within Owens Design’s 75,000 sq ft. of facilities, allowing our synergistic partnership to be a "one stop shop" for our customers. Our experienced laser and automation engineers work closely together and with your team to deliver custom laser technologies tailored to your production and manufacturing needs.


Automation Examples

Our laser platforms are designed to be compatible with a variety of automation option such as wafer-based robotic systems (e.g. EFEMs), roll-to-roll (R2R) handling, conveyor systems, 6-axis robots and a variety of other customer automation modules. Some examples are shown below. 

TLS Kanga with a custom automation system including automated part loading, pre-inspection, laser processing, cleaning, post-inspection, and automated output handling.

TLS Kanga with a wafer automation system (EFEM) including cassette or foup loadports, wafer pre-alignment, robotic handling (various handling methods available) and automatic feeding between robot and laser platform. Factory automation software available (e.g. SECS/GEM).

Want to know more about our Automation options?

Reach out and we can share a variety of common automation solutions for your industrial application. 

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