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How We Work Together


Partnering with the best.

Owens Design


World class laser processing meets world class precision automation.

A complete solution from R&D, to manufacturing to field service & training.

Our commitment to providing quality laser manufacturing tools to our customers means partnering with the best. Owens Design are our trusted partners in machine design and build.


With a world class reputation from turning concepts, ideas and R&D systems into robust industrial tools, Owens Design has a flawless (100% successful delivery) track record for 35 years in this industry.

Our laser applications laboratory and sales team is based within Owens Design’s main engineering and manufacturing facility, and between our two buildings we have access to 45,000 sq ft. 


We are your trusted advisor for laser machining.
Please reach out to our applications team with your questions.
We are here to help, and if we don’t have a solution,

we’ll help you find one!

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