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How it Started


A strong partnership with a vision.

About Us

To deliver quality laser solutions through 

mastery, creativity, humility and integrity.

Turner Laser Systems was founded in 2018 as a partnership between Owens Design and Dr. Mark Turner with the intention to combine a company with 36 years success in automation and machine design with world class laser expertise to provide unique laser solutions to the manufacturing industry.

Based in the Owens Design headquarters located in Silicon Valley, Turner Laser Systems is co-located in the Owens Design 45,000 sq. ft facility and hosts a state-of-the-art laser applications laboratory.


Our team has designed, deployed and serviced laser systems to industrial manufacturers across the globe including Fortune 10 companies as well as start-up companies. Lasers machining is used today in all industries, including semiconductor, biomedical, display, consumer electronics, defense, photonics and even pharmaceutical.

Today, laser technology has proven to outperform traditional manufacturing methods in quality, reliability and throughput in many areas of manufacturing.


Dr. Mark Turner

Founder and CEO

Founder of Turner Laser Systems LLC with over a decade of experience working with lasers. He has a PhD in laser machining, where he developed one of the world's most advanced 3D laser nano-printers. With a variety of academic awards, distinguished research publications and patented IP in high-tech laser processing, he brings passion, depth and intimate knowledge of lasers.

Knowledgeable in both industrial laser companies and system integration companies, he has designed, deployed and serviced laser systems in over 8 different countries to Fortune 10 and 500 customers.

“What I’m most passionate about is to connecting people, laser technology and innovation to solve problems and inspire."


We are your trusted advisor for laser machining.
Please reach out to our applications team with your questions.
We are here to help, and if we don’t have a solution,

we’ll help you find one!

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