TLS Methodology - An accelerated and systematic methodology that minimizes risks for Laser Processing and Applications


An accelerated and systematic methodology that minimizes risks.

How We Work


A step-by-step approach to maximize your ROI.

Introducing a new technology to your product development and manufacturing can be challenging, risky and require a lot of time and effort to do correctly. TLS has created a Process Development Methodology which provides our customers with a step-by-step approach to evaluate laser technology in an accelerated, systematic and safe way, that maximizes your ROI.

After an initial consultation

with your process requirements, and product specifications, and ROI

considerations, we have the following steps:

Step 1 to Determine the Right Laser


the Right Laser

This is one of the most important decisions. We evaluate different lasers to determine the right laser that will best fit your application.

Estimated time:

1-2 months

Step 2 Make Your Part to Specs

Make Your

Part to Spec

The most challenging step--combining the “right laser” from step 1 with optimized optics, motion, sensors, software, and material handling, we produce your part to the required technical specs.

Estimated time:

1-3 months

Step 3 Qualify for Manufacturing

Qualify for


We work with our customer to qualify the process to achieve optimal throughput, yield, reliability and robustness. The end goal is to maximize the ROI and reduce risks of new technology adoption. 

Estimated time:

1-3 months

After completing these steps, we configure our Laser Tools to  fit best for your application, allowing you to maximize your ROI, and achieve manufacturing successwith the safest and fastest turn-around.


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