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For companies in pre-production or evaluating lasers for their production line we offer high-grade laser machining services.



Our laser facility includes a variety of high-grade industrial laser systems.

Compared to standard laser job shops, our applications team contains world class laser scientists who understand how to best use laser technology to provide the quality machining. If you have a challenging processing need, our team can develop fast, effective and powerful solutions to enable your production.


We provide small-scale production with drilling, cutting, scribing, marking and other laser processes optimized for your product by our world class process development team.

Some examples of our laser expertise includes:

- Glass cutting and drilling

- Sapphire cutting and drilling

- Metal dissimilar welding

- Bonding of plastic materials

- Glass-to-glass welding

- Glass-to-other welding

- Fine hole drilling 

- Cutting with minimal material damage 

- Athermal (cold) laser ablation

- Delicate material

- Multi-layer material processing (e.g. cutting, drilling, scribing, ablation)

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