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What We Make


Reliability, quality and scalability for maximum ROI 

Laser Tools

Laser Systems Tailored for Your R&D and Manufacturing Needs

Our standardized industrial laser platform includes:


  • Customized laser engine and beam delivery
    (configurable to application)

  • Mechanical frame for stabilized motion

  • High precision XYZ motion controls (configurable to application)

  • Class 1 laser safety enclosure with CDRH compliance
    (not for TLS Joey)

  • Powerful turn-key TLS Micromachining Software for 2D and 3D CAD CAM, recipe development, automation and full tool control (with upgrade options)

  • Integrated fume extraction with HEPA filtration

  • Ergonomic HMI with adjustable position and angle

  • Electrical & pneumatic sub-systems (NFPA79)

  • Easy access for routine maintenance

  • Optional plans for TLS annual service

Your Choice of


Our Configuration


The Right Tool Tailored for Your Job


Our Platforms


Our most cost effective solution. Great for R&D in laboratories. This is a Class 4
system where additional laser safety protection is required and has lower
precision capabilities.



Our most popular platform. Process parts as large as

500 x 400 mm size with

micron-level repeatability.  

Comes with a Class 1 laser safety enclosure. Ideal for precision laser manufacturing.

Download datasheet



A larger platform developed for processing much larger products and materials, with a variety of manual and robotic loading options to optimized material handling in your manufacturing.


Consider Your Upgrade Options

All of our tools can be configured for additional upgrades:

  • Industrial high accuracy vision, for part alignment and QC

  • Height sensor, for autofocus adjustment

  • 2D line scanners, for 3D part measurement

  • Custom vacuum chucks and fixtures, for application-specific part handling

  • Integrated fume extractor, for debris management

  • Rotary stages for tube and curved object processing

  • Ionized air cross-flow, for debris management

  • Integrated passive/active HEPA filtration, for medical clean environment operation

  • Automatic part loading, for advanced automation

  • Semiconductor cassette handling, for wafer loading


And many other custom automation upgrades available!



We are your trusted advisor for laser machining.
Please reach out to our applications team with your questions.
We are here to help, and if we don’t have a solution,

we’ll help you find one!

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