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What We Offer


Quality laser processing subsystems

Laser Engines

Plug-and-pay. Low cost. Quicker turnaround.


For customers who would like a laser subsystem integrated into an existing or new manufacturing tool, we provide TLS Laser Engines that include: a laser, beam delivery, controls and software (optional) to drive the laser engine synchronously with your automation system.

These engines are compatible with a variety of materials and form factors:


  • Roll-to-roll processing

  • Conveyor processing

  • Standard standalone flatbed platforms

  • Tube processing


Our laser engines still go through the same rigorous process ー the 360-Mastery Methodology ー as our turnkey laser tools. We work with your automation team to make laser integration safe, seamless and precise. 


We are your trusted advisor for laser machining.
Please reach out to our applications team with your questions.
We are here to help, and if we don’t have a solution,

we’ll help you find one!

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