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The 360-Mastery


Avoid delays and pitfalls with our uniquely collaborative methodology 

Introducing a new technology to your product development and bringing it to manufacturing success can be challenging and risky. Our 360-Mastery Methodology is designed to yield a tool solution that's optimal from a technical, manufacturing and business perspective, safeguarding it from development pitfalls.

The 360-Mastery Approach

Technical Perspective


We get you the right laser for the job by thoroughly understanding all your technical requirements.

Manufacturing Perspective


We develop your laser process and design your tool that can be transitioned smoothly to meet  your manufacturing needs.

Business Perspective 


We design your machine with the best ROI in mind. We also educate your team and share knowledge to ensure your long-term success. 



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The 360-Mastery Methodology Experience

Phase 1
Determine the Right Laser

This is one of the most important decisions. We evaluate different lasers to determine the right laser that will best fit your application.

Estimated time: 1-2 months


For details, take a look at: 10 Steps to the Right Laser 

Phase 2
Make Your Part to Spec

The most challenging step--combining the “right laser” from step 1 with optimized optics, motion, sensors, software, and material handling, we produce your part to the required technical specs.

Estimated time: 1-3 months

For details, take a look at: [Blog]

Phase 3
Qualify for Manufacturing

We work with our customer to qualify the process to achieve optimal throughput, yield, reliability and robustness. The end goal is to maximize the ROI and reduce risks of new technology adoption. 

Estimated time: 1-3 months

For details, take a look at: [Blog]

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