Customized Micromachining Laser Solutions

Your low-risk path to the right tool solution​

Our unique methodology focuses on thoroughly understanding your technical and business needs, enabling our experts to take you from research, through experimentation and to manufacturing success—avoiding development-pitfalls and saving you business time and resources.

We provide solutions for:


  • Semiconductor

  • Medical

  • Aerospace

  • Energy and battery

  • Consumer electronics

  • VR/AR

  • Solar


  • Laser cutting

  • Laser ablation

  • Laser marking

  • Laser welding

  • Laser drilling

  • Laser thin film removal

  • Laser texturing

  • Laser dicing


  • Display

  • Dissimilar materials

  • Architectural glass

  • Power electronics

  • RF electronics

  • Medical device/implants

Your steps to success


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360-Mastery Methodology 


Get the Right Tool for Your Job. 


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Why choose Turner Laser Systems?

Your low-risk path to the right solution 

Our 360Mastery Methodology is a process unique to TLS, created to efficiently develop the optimal solution that meets your technical, manufacturing and business requirements. 


Flexibility and cost-efficiency with configurable platforms

Our configurable laser machines can be configured and customized to do the right job, at a price comparable to an off-the-shelf solution. 

Configurable also means they are flexible for future upgrades, and preventing extra costs for brand new tools later.  Services and support is available for your peace of mind.

Smooth transition with our capacity to scale

Our synergistic partnership with Owens Design give us the expertise and capacity to transition smoothly when you're ready to scale up. 

Peace of mind with our service and support

Our service and support is available to ensure your long-term success, giving you the peace of mind should any future development or issues occur. 

We are here to help!

If you need a trusted advisor for laser machining, reach out to our applications team.
If we don’t have a solution, we’ll help you find one!

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